WeFirst is a way of looking at the world.

We First is the leading social branding firm that provides strategic consulting and training to help companies tell the story of the good work they do in ways that build their business. Our clients include Fortune 500 brands, major Foundations and high growth companies. Download our services overview.

The Process

We First services align a brand’s social purpose and communications to maximize their awareness, profits and positive impact. For measurable impact there must be a clear alignment between a brand’s definition, core values and purpose with their communications and social outreach. It’s this combination that creates brand messaging that is distinctive, memorable and effective in a social marketplace. There are six stages to this process.

Stage 1: Brand Audit

The first stage is an audit of all existing assets, communications, and brand identity elements. We research competitors and the marketplace to provide a gap analysis and to identify new opportunities in a fluid marketplace. The audit covers offline, online and social communications in its assessment of the current perception and performance of the brand.

Stage 2: Brand Strategy

Stage Two defines the purpose of the company in ways that will be benefit the brand internally with employees, externally in its marketing, and socially across its community. This alignment between a brand’s authentic narrative and its messaging is critical if a brand wants to engage a web-savvy consumer that demands transparency, authenticity and accountability. This also ensures there won’t be a disconnection in the consumer’s mind between what a brand stands for and its social outreach.

Stage 3: Brand Identity

Stage Three formulates the Brand Identity to ensure that the appearance, experience and expressions of the brand are consistent and appealing to its target audiences and social community. It further ensures that the brand is positioned in such a way as to compel that audience or community to take action, whether it is buying a product, engaging in a conversation or supporting a cause.

Stage 4: Brand Creative

Stage Four involves concepting different ways to build your brand’s social community in ways that build awareness, goodwill, loyalty and profit. The brand and its business objectives will dictate what media are most appropriate. The goal is to put your community to work for you to achieve shared goals, exponentially expand your marketing reach and impact.

Stage 5: Brand Community

Stage Five is where we build your brand community through social engagement. This includes social media campaigns execution; mobile digital and gaming content rollout; In-house social media training, Search Engine Optimization (SEO); and co-ordination with PR campaigns.

Stage 6: Brand Maintenance

Stage Six ensures your community keeps growing. We do this on a monthly basis, tracking shifts in brand awareness, consumers sentiment and your brand’s share of voice, integrating emerging technology that captures the imagination of your community and continuing to develop campaigns, content and promotions that promote community growth, engagement and loyalty.

In the customer-driven economy, people want to invest in brands that positively change the world, and the most iconic brands of the future will be those that drive the most meaningful social change.