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Growth Through Purpose ™
Growth Through Purpose ™

About Us

We're a strategic consultancy that partners with clients to build purpose-led movements. Movements that drive business growth. That positively shape culture. That help the planet regenerate. By turning employees into advocates. Customers into collaborators. Companies into impact leaders. With one goal in common. To create a world that leads with We.

The manifesto that launched the company

Seasoned branding experts. Heart-led storytellers. Skillful change agents. A team of misfits from advertising, entertainment, and philanthropy. Offering experience, insights, and judgment earned over a decade of working with today’s most purposeful brands. Our passion? Unlocking simple, emotional, and elegant solutions to complex business challenges that work across all products, stakeholders, and regions to accelerate growth and compound impact. So, together, we meet the challenges humanity faces with greater speed and equal force.

Be a purpose with a company, not a company with a purpose.

Be the celebrant, not celebrity, of your stakeholder community.

Transcend your product, service or category to shape culture.

How we collaborate with brands to:

Create, share and scale impact.
  • Purpose & Impact Storytelling
    Impact Platform & Measurement
    Impact Partnerships & Activations
  • Thought Leadership Guidance
    Portfolio & Product Innovation
    CEO Branding & Planning
Define, embed and activate your role.
  • Research & Insights
    Purpose Diagnostics
    Brand Naming & Identity
  • Brand Purpose & Positioning
    Brand Story & Messaging
    ESG, DI&E, & SDG Strategy
Educate, engage and rally stakeholders.
  • Internal & HR Communications
    Culture Building & Activation
    Leadership & Team Training
  • Employer Branding & Content
    ESG, DI&E, & SDG Integration
    Community Architecture

Marc Washington
Founder & CEO, Muniq

"We First played a massive role in helping us connect with our true purpose and establish a brand that can inspire people to live their healthiest, most fulfilled lives."

Maria Huntalas
Senior Director of Corporate Communictions & Marketing, BioMed Realty

"The entire We First team has an unique ability to quickly grasp a client’s challenges and create compelling solutions that have tremendous impact."

Reese Fitzpatrick
SVP, Global Marketing Head, Alllergy, Cough & Cold, Pain, Heart Health, Bayer

"They helped us sharpen thinking around our purpose, and helped guide our platform development to focus on impact first, business second. We First brought a level of expertise in this space that not only shaped our program, but also educated & prepared us for what’s to come."

Sarah Grover
Interim CMO, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

"Aligning all stakeholders around a Purpose to help reinforce a strong culture and inspire meaningful engagement was no simple task. This work unlocked exciting energy among leadership, employees and franchisees."

Steve Heeley
CEO (Fmr.), Veggie Grill

"Simon and his team immediately identified the opportunities for our company and did exhaustive due diligence on our brand and the plant based space. This investment of knowledge baseline of knowledge was way beyond any previous experience that I have ever had with a branding agency."

Thomas R. Burton
Chair, Energy & Sustainability, Practice, Mintz

"Their rigorous process of introspection to identify our core strengths and then communicate our unique place in the ecosystem to our clients and prospective clients has consistently elevated our brand and will serve to bolster our leadership for years to come."

Tina Sharkey
Co-Founder, Brandless

"We First was the perfect partner to help us. They’re true experts in brand purpose and storytelling, and a great asset to companies looks to drive business growth and impact through purpose."

Wendy Hauteman
CMO, VSP Global

"They are real experts in this work and bringing purpose to life and they have been fantastic partners to work with all along the way."

It is our business to empower brands to define and deliver on their purpose in order to create movements that propel regenerative impact and resilience for the world. So, it is important to us that We First itself also play a positive role for its customers, community, workers and the planet.


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