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Growth Through Purpose ™
Growth Through Purpose ™

We First 5: Dylan, Cook, & Samsung

1. Can Samsung Survive its Galaxy Note 7 PR Crisis?

Loss of brand goodwill, consumer trust and industry reputation, the best way for Samsung to recover should orient transparent messaging at the core of its response. More on their reaction here.

2. Trump Fans Voting to #RepealThe19th

In the run up to the Presidential vote, extreme reactions, propositions and declarations are not only threatening candidates votes, but also the future of democracy. Read more on Trump’s camp here.

3. Apple CEO Tim Cook on Augmented Reality vs. Human Society

Tim Cook’s vision of the role of AR as enhancing and amplifying human experiences – the tech opportunity to encourage human contact. Learn more about Cook’s plans here.

4. Bob Dylan Awarded Nobel Prize in Literature 

We’re seeing all forms of culture being upgraded and reimagined to match society’s changing expectations, and the Nobel Prize is no expectation. This week, Bob Dylan breaks records as the first musician to receive the Prize in literature. Read more on why.

5. Simon leading practicum at CC CEO Summit

Next week marks the 10th Annual Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit, which will see Simon deliver a practicum discussion and seminar on The 21st Century CEO – how to accelerate business growth through conscious personal leadership. Find out more

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