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Growth Through Purpose ™
Growth Through Purpose ™

We First 5: Surf’s Up!

1. Airbnb’s Commitment To Inclusion

Honoring their brand story of “Belong Anywhere,” online home-sharing giant Airbnb recently released a 32-page report detailing its efforts to combat discrimination and other unfortunate incidents involving potential renters and owners. More info here:

2. Allergan Offers Customers A Social Contract

In a welcome change of pace from the world of big pharma, Allergan CEO Brent Saunders recently laid out a social contract with its customers to honor fair and reasonable drug pricing. This comes on the heels of recent scandals involving exorbitant price hikes for life-saving medications at rival pharma giants. More info here:

3. VW Engineer Pleads Guilty

The plot thickens… Despite a staggering settlement totaling over a billion dollars, German auto-maker Volkswagen is still dealing with the fallout from its emissions scandal as one of its engineers has begun working with U.S. law enforcement to unravel what is being deemed a conspiracy.

More info here:

4. Here’s To Drinking and Driving

No, not really. But Ford and Jose Cuervo recently released a series of fun social media videos showcasing an innovative partnership that sees the automaker reusing the tequila maker’s agave plants for bioplastic. More info here:

5. We First Surf Team

Tell Kelly Slater we’re coming for him. Though summer may be officially over, we’re nonetheless going to continue to enjoy the weather with a team surfing lesson just up the beach in Santa Monica. See you in the lineup!

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