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Growth Through Purpose ™
Growth Through Purpose ™

Nicole Sparshot, Unilever Australia & New Zealand, CEO

LEAD WITH WE reveals how brands survive in a crisis, thrive in a fast-changing market, and accelerate growth in a challenging future. Discover how the world’s top companies and entrepreneurs are driving growth and impact that employees and customers now demand. What worked, what didn’t and what you need to do to get everyone to build your business. Your host, Simon Mainwaring, CEO of We First and New York Times bestselling author, dives deep with CEOs and CMOs to reveal the mindset and actions that put them ahead of the competition. Whether you’re a start-up, high growth company or large corporation, you’ll learn how to build your reputation, increase employee productivity, and inspire customers to promote your brand. Engaging, entertaining and actionable, this is your chance to listen in and learn a lot about how business does well and does good.

It’s not easy to take an enterprise and reconfigure its purpose and values. But doing so can open new opportunities at the nexus of purpose and profit. Nicole Sparshott is the CEO of Unilever Australia & New Zealand, one of the world’s leading suppliers of beauty, personal care, home care, and food and refreshment products, with the goal of making sustainable living commonplace and accessible for everyone. In this episode, she shares how a complex enterprise with a wide portfolio of brands balances purpose and profit to drive growth and impact, and how all stakeholders can collaborate to make a positive impact through what we buy and how we live to better our shared future. Lead With We is Produced by Goal 17 Media -