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Growth Through Purpose ™
Growth Through Purpose ™

We First 5: What You Need to Know this Friday

1. The One Quote You Should Share – The Body Shop’s 40th Birthday Pledge
Chris Davis, The Body Shop’s International CSR and Campaigns Director, describes their drive to be the world’s most sustainable and ethical company: “It means understanding how our business is contributing to our existence on the planet, understanding what we need to change to contribute to a sustainable future by working backwards from a visionary end point to the here-and-now and asking ourselves: what comes next?” Enrich Not Exploit.

 2. The One Person You Should Follow – @AlexSteffen
An award-winning writer and foresight consultant, Alex Steffen is focussed on fundamentally reimagining a sustainable future through communication and design. Previously Planetary Futurist-in-Residence at IDEO, Steffen is far less doom and gloom than he is uplifting and inspiring about how we can design a better future, first by allowing ourselves to imagine it. Find him on Medium, Facebook, Twitter, or check out his current Kickstarter Project.

3. The One Event You Should Attend – SXSW Interactive
Having come a long way from its humble roots, SXSW Interactive is one of the world’s brightest incubators of digital creativity, cultural innovation and cutting-edge technologies. Over the past 23 years, SXSW Interactive has established itself as a litmus test for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow, and 2016 promises to be no exception. Catch it in Austin, Texas from March 11-15. SXSW.

4. The One Book You Should Read – Clade by James Bradley
You may have picked up on the theme here – reimagining the future as a starting point for creating positive change – and this book definitely fits the brief. Clade is part of the flourishing “cli-fi” genre: climate change fiction. Yes, fiction. The best way to imagine a better future is through the inspiration and creative genius of fictional futures. In Clade, Bradley presents readers with the slow burn effects of a changing planet over three generations from the very near future to late this century. Available on Amazon.

5. We First Fun Fact
This week was Simon Mainwaring’s birthday. So, how did we celebrate? With Simon across the pond in Austria, the We First team printed out masks of Simon’s face and took videos of us all marching around Venice Beach. Check out Simon’s Instagram and Facebook for some sneak peeks!