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Growth Through Purpose ™
Growth Through Purpose ™

We First 5: What You Need to Know This Friday

Woman to Watch: Jessica Seinfeld
Jessica Seinfeld announces the relaunch of her charity with a new name – GOOD+ Foundation – via Facebook LIVE with HuffPost Live. To celebrate 15 years in supporting anti-programs that serve parents and their children across the US, Seinfeld shares that corporate donors are providing $1.5M to support the cause. More on GOOD+ Foundation here.

New Fashion Sense: Levi Strauss & Co. and ECONYL
Sustainability leader, Levi Straus & Co. partners up with Aquafil – manufacturer of an upcycled and regenerated yarns and fabric ECONYL – for another industry first. For the first time, Levi Strauss will use ECONYL yarn in its jeans. “We envision a world where everyday items don’t have to come at the expense of the environment,” said Giulio Bonazzi, Chairman and CEO of Aquafil. “This new partnership is further proof that sustainable materials can be used to reinvigorate products that have been traditionally made. Levi’s is redefining the denim industry.” 

A new kind of uber: Chariot for Women
On April 19th, an evolution of current ride sharing services will launch in Boston that aims to provide safe driving and riding options for women. Chariot for Women will not only have solely women as drivers, but also only accepts women passengers, aside from kids of any gender under 13 years old. Watch for the launch, and potential arrival in a city near you.

#FightDirty with charity: water
To mark it’s 10-year anniversary, charity: water launches #FightDirty – an emotionally-charged campaign to appeal to new and existing supports alike. Through charity: water, over 19,000 water projects have been funded making a difference for millions in emerging markets. Though, the fight still continues, we are continuously inspired by the work of charity: water in mobilizing human compassion.

#SpringCC2016 with Simon at Conscious Capitalism 2016 – April 12-14
For Conscious Capitalism 2016, Simon will present The Future of Brand Storytelling. Tickets still available for this stellar event!

Image courtesy of charity: water