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Growth Through Purpose ™
Growth Through Purpose ™

We First 5: Olympics, Hillary a Surprise We First Update

Hillary Makes History

Amid all the back-and-forth of this presidential election, it’s almost easy to forget that the United States is making history with the former First Lady becoming the first lady to run for president as the head of a major political party, and in the process, inspiring countless women everywhere. More info here:

Brand New World at the Olympics

As this summer’s Olympics prepare to kick-off in Rio, the IOC is discovering the difficulties of playing gatekeeper and protector to its carefully orchestrated guest list of official brand sponsors. With athletes posting on-the-fly videos on difficult or impossible to monitor social channels, it’s a new world for athletes, organizations and branding. More info here:

Tough Times at Twitter

Amid ongoing controversies about abuse hurled at both celebrities and non-celebrities alike, Twitter is struggling to meet revenue expectations as it works through the growing pains of how to grow while simultaneously having to police, censor and ban its more toxic elements. More info here:

Now That’s Customer Service

Some people just really like to talk, we guess. Like something out of a romantic movie or the Boston marathon, a Zappos customer service representative recently set the record for longest customer service call ever at just over ten hours. While perhaps more time than most of us need, it’s refelctive of the brand’s commitment to developing strong relationships with consumers. More info here:

Best Wishes To Our Very Own Jill

Our lovely director of operation, Jill Lindeman, will be enjoying what is sure to be an unforgettable wedding ceremony this weekend. Congratulations and best wishes are in order to the happy couple and their families. Now everyone on the dancefloor!

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