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Growth Through Purpose ™
Growth Through Purpose ™

We First 5: Sustainable Business, Standing Rock, & Searching for Sebbie

1. FSC and the Power of Competitor Collective Action

The Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) recently launched campaign – One Simple Action, One Profound Impact – is the first time consumer-facing companies, including Patagonia, Pottery Barn and Charmin (some of which are actually competitors) have collaborated to share and promote the merits of choosing FSC. Aimed directly at consumers, this campaign demonstrates the importance and strength of collaboration across industries towards common goal of creating more positive impact.

2. Fashion Designers on Not Dressing the First Lady

Amidst the cultural commentary post-election, the fashion industry joins the conversation with one designer, Sophie Theallet, boldly declaring she will not be dressing the first lady. Theallet, long-standing designer for Michelle Obama, describes why in an open letter to her fans and followers. Read Theallet’s letter and reactions to it here. 

3. Standing Rock Celebrations Captured in Photos of Joy

Too often, news stories inundate us with topics, photographs and tales of crime, destruction and sadness. In the wake of major cultural, economic and social milestones such as the Standing Rock pipeline, no matter what your stance, it is incredibly refreshing to see the photographs of true human joy. See the photos here.

4. Sustainable Business More Important Than Ever

Though questions have expectedly arose following the coming change in US political platforms, a recent HBR article clearly articulates why now, more than ever before, business is needed and positioned to drive forward social and environmental agenda across the national and global stage. From undeniable economics of clean tech to a emerging, purpose-driven demands of Millennials, the role of business in 2017 (and beyond) is becoming ever prominent as a force for positive change.

5. Elf on the We First Shelf

Christmas is coming – and that means our annual tradition is in full swing. Can you spot Sebbie, the We First ‘Elf on the Shelf’?


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