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Growth Through Purpose ™
Growth Through Purpose ™

We First 5: A Path Appears

As the environmental properties of products we use and consume become elevated, so too is the packaging that contains them. Spearheaded by Saltwater Brewery, the edible six pack ring beer holder is the first time a 100% biodegradable packaging is implemented in the industry. Their mission now? Challenge the big brewers to do the same and protect our sea and life that exists within it.

Netflix Democratizes Learning Languages
Aside from opening access to a world of entertainment, Netflix, in collaboration with Lingvo TV, is bringing real-time translation into the homes of its viewers. By simply adding the Lingvo TV extension, Netflix is offering an interactive, accessible way to learning another language.

The Optimists Environmental Documentary
From the director of acclaimed documentaries such as No End in Sight, and Inside Job comes a new environmental work, Time to Choose, which seeks to empower all viewers with not only a compelling film, but also a site filled with simple, actionable steps they can take to help combat climate change. For more info, visit: Video

The Buzz on Small, Flying Robots
Fill yourself in on the latest flying offering from the smart thinkers at Harvard with this New York Times video. Maybe now all those hard-working bees can enjoy a day off or two. Video

We First x CCLA
For those in the Los Angeles area, we’d like to extend a cordial first invitation to the upcoming Conscious Capitalism event at the Skirball Center this July 14th which features none other than our own Simon Mainwaring, so mark your calendars! More details to come soon…

Image courtesy of Jeroen Looyé via Flickr