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Growth Through Purpose ™
Growth Through Purpose ™

We First 5: Finding Joy

3 Moments of Joy – Sheryl Sandberg’s Commencement Speech at UC Berkeley
On May 14, Sheryl Sandberg gave her commencement speech at UC Berkeley where she publicly spoke for the first time about her husband’s sudden death. Sheryl also spoke about one coping mechanism and exercise that is actually proven to instill a sense of happiness and joy over depression and anxiety. Watch Sheryl’s commencement speech and also read about the importance of daily reflections of joy.

Women in Motion – Kering at Cannes
In its second year, Women in Motion at Cannes presented by Kering, celebrates women in front of and behind the camera in an industry traditionally dominated by (and which recognizes) their male counterparts. Read the conversations with these amazing women, and get inspired!

Good Continues to Grow – Unilever 2016
This month, Unilever announced that its brands that adopted its Sustainable Living Plan grew 30% faster than the rest of the business in 2015. What’s more, these brands have delivered almost 50% of the company’s growth. Unilever continues to demonstrate the power of purpose, and the growth that comes from doing good.

From Sweet to Sweeter – Building Food with Biology
So many foods, medicines and cosmetics we enjoy include gelatin – an ingredient made out of animal scraps. However, Gelzen, a new start-up aims to change that by creating gelatin without the animal so as to address economic and environmental problems, and sometimes moral dilemmas. Sweet treats are getting even sweeter.

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