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Growth Through Purpose ™
Growth Through Purpose ™

We First 5: Clinton, Trump & Climate Change

1. Social media gets political
Social media is being leveraged to get people out to vote but also to share actionable plans and share insults. No prize for guessing which candidate is doing what. link

2. Major brands endorse Secretary Clinton
CEO’s of brand like Sprint and YouTube are wading into politics by publicly endorsing Secretary Clinton. link

3. Presidential candidates talk climate change
Perhaps no issue is more important to our future than how we address climate change. While Secretary Clinton lists it as a major topic on her campaign website, Donald Trump doesn’t mention it at all. link

4. Patagonia as voting activist
With so much at stake for the country, leading brands that are fluent in cultural conversations are inspiring people to vote with their values. link

5. Aussies (finally) embrace climate change
As an Australian, CEO founder Simon Mainwaring has always hoped that Australia would become a global leader in addressing climate change. After a very sluggish start and informed political leadership, it’s heartening to see Aussies rising to the challenge. link

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