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Growth Through Purpose ™
Growth Through Purpose ™

Sixty South

How To Launch A Sustainable Salmon Brand To Take On Powerhouse Incumbents

Nova Austral is a Chilean salmon farmer and processor, owned by the private equity companies Altor Fund III and Bain Capital with operations located in Chile’s Region XII, the Magellanes, and Antarctic Region. Before launching in the US market with its proprietary Antarctic salmon, Nova Austral required a compelling brand strategy, positioning, and storytelling platform, as well as B2B launch strategy to ensure its success with distributors, retailers, and consumers.

Working closely with the Bain Capital and Nova Austral teams in the US and Chile respectively, we developed a proprietary positioning for this world-class sustainable salmon leader. The challenge it had to overcome was the category leadership of Alaskan and Norwegian salmon and the relatively poor reputation of Chilean salmon. To address this, we developed a brand name, purpose, positioning, values, key messaging, story, brand visual identity, and collateral that created a whole new category – Pure Antarctic Salmon – thereby avoiding the challenges of the Chilean reputation and leveraging the visual cues of the Antarctic to speak to the quality of the Nova Austral product. Based on this strategy we created the launch campaign, website, manifesto, and marketing collateral.

Nova Austral successfully launched its first, new sustainable salmon from Antarctic waters – Sixty South – to much industry and media acclaim at the Boston Seafood market, gaining momentum across the US market with key retailers claiming “it was the easiest sale they ever had”, and winning favor with high-scale food distributors, chefs, and consumers.