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Growth Through Purpose ™
Growth Through Purpose ™

We First 5: Anniversaries, Athletes, & Authors

1. Patagonia’s Still Ahead of Its Time…

Sustainability, corporate transparency, authentic marketing, family-friendly and flexible employee policies—sound familiar? If you read Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard’s business memoir, Let My People Go Surfing, written in 2006, that’s why. And only now, more than a decade later, progressive brands and companies are using the same principles to connect to consumers and retain staff.

More info here:

2. Before You Go For That Next California Roll…

While seaweed is nutritious and versatile and long been one of the most sustainable forms of aquaculture, in a report this month by the United Nations, seaweed farming is being environmentally challenged as its demand rapidly expands. More information here

3. Doing the Right Thing Amidst an Important Conversation

Colin Kaepernick has made a lot of news with his silent protest during the national anthem that has now spread further into professional sports. Since then, his number-seven 49ers jersey sales have skyrocketed. Now, Kaepernick says he is going to back up his actions with his wallet and donate the proceeds. Read more here

4. Happy Anniversary charity: water

10 years ago, charity: water founder Scott Harrison returned from a faith-finding African journey to solve the water crisis in his lifetime.  Today, more than one million people have made it their mission as well. Share this video before September 30th and your share will give directly to the cause. Watch and read more here

5. Hey! Let’s Eat Out of a Dumpster!

You’ve always wanted to and now you can! Made possible thanks to Salvage Supperclub, which hosts dinners in dumpsters – yes inside the dumpster – and makes meals from ingredients that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill. Starting in New York and making its way west, it’s a unique way to educate diners about food waste – and no doubt a memorable experience! Read more here