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Growth Through Purpose ™
Growth Through Purpose ™

We First 5: CoverGirl, Consumer Backlash, & COP22

1. CoverGirl’s New Ambassadors

We love to see brands embrace new, more inclusive mindsets that are ultimately more reflective of their customer and consumer base. Mega beauty brand CoverGirl is the latest to celebrate and honor cultural diversity by naming two new ambassadors – 17-year-old makeup artist James Charles (the brand’s first cover boy) and Nura Afia (the brand’s first ambassador in a hijab).

2. Post-Truth Today

The team at We First appreciates how important and influential language is, and so learning of Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year – Post Truth – is deeply reflective of our current cultural state in America.

3. Wells Fargo Feels Consumer Backlash

Following the Bank’s fake account scandal, Wells Fargo is seeing negative impacts on their bottom line. From a significant decline in new account creation to massive fines, the situation explicitly demonstrates the costs of not actively serving the best interests of your stakeholders in a meaningful way.

4. Good Tech: Elon Musk’s Internet for Everyone and

Amidst the media political clutter, we are still uncovering beautiful glimmers of hope, intention and action to bringing betterness around the world. From Elon Musk’s announcement to make a truly world wide web to the new Services Advisor mobile app that helps refugees find food, clean water and medical care – we are only beginning to witness the positive impacts technology will have on humanity.

5. COP22 & Why Business as a Force for Good Is More Important Now Than Ever

Following last year’s monumental COP21 at Paris, the Marrakech Climate Change Conference is critical in its ability to follow-through from agreements to action. As the event wraps up today, take a moment to read the UN Secretary General’s address here.


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