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We First 5: McDonald’s, Mic Cuts, & ‘Real Moms’

1. Fox to Bill O’Reilly: Cut His Mic
Over the last 20 years, Bill O’Reilly and 21st Century Fox have reportedly shelled out a total of $13 million in settlement costs to stop women from speaking out against the controversial television host or pursuing further litigation over accusations of lewd behavior and sexual harassment. As all things ‘done in the dark’ eventually do, O’Reilly’s alleged scandals eventually came to light earlier this month, and the public was none too pleased. The backlash lead to a massive loss of advertising dollars as dozens of companies pulled their ads from the The O’Reilly Factor time slot, eventually forcing Fox’s hand as they announced on Wednesday that “after a thorough and careful review of the allegations”, the network has decided that Bill O’Reilly will be played out will not be returning to the Fox News Channel. This is yet another example of companies taking new measures to ensure that their corporate messaging placement not only aligns with the product they’re pitching, but with the company’s values as a whole.

2. McDonald’s New Ad Campaign Plays Coy
McDonald’s released a new campaign promoting their rollout for $1 drinks, no matter the size. Enlisting the comedic and media power of Mindy Kaling, the fast food chain’s ad seeks to appeal to teens and twenty-somethings — but not by Kaling’s celebrity alone. The sly broadcast campaign never once refers to McDonald’s by name, and actually even bleeps out it’s own name-drop within the spot. Intending “to capitalize teens and young adults’ propensity for second screen use while watching TV”, the ad begins with Kaling instructing viewers to Google: ‘the place where the Coke tastes so good’ (spoiler alert: it’s McDonald’s). Props to creative agency, Omnicom, for this innovative and whimsical approach to targeted ads toward Millennials and Gen Z.

3. Dove’s ‘Real Moms’ Defy Stereotypes
In a new spot for the brand’s “Real Moms” ad campaign, Dove showcases the universality of motherhood by showcasing moms of all races, differing careers, and sexual orientation; beginning the spot with text that reads: “Moms are redefining what it means to be a ‘good mom’”. Although all types of moms are featured, the ad accentuates the story of Shea, a transgender woman and mother. Although the controversial spot has been received both backlash as well as praise, it is refreshing to see beauty brand continue to defy stereotypes and promote acceptance.

4. Uber is Bringing Tips to Drivers in NYC
Amidst allegations of rampant corporate scandal, Uber has found itself in the news again surrounding its refusal to provide in-app tipping options for passengers. Surveys have found that Uber’s ride-hailing competition, Lyft — whose app has offered their customers with the option to tip drivers since 2012 — has found that Lyft drivers are overwhelmingly happier and more satisfied than Uber drivers. However, Uber’s stubborn executives have stood firm on their opposition, claiming that it could lead to personal bias, friction, and customer guilt over tip size. However, after New York City’s Taxi/Limousine Commission “introduced a proposal this week that would require ride-hailing companies operating in the city to allow riders to tip their drivers”, Uber might be forced to seek a different mode of operation. Is it only a matter of time before the tipping advocacy moves nation-wide?

5. A Grand Slam into Motherhood
At 36, Serena Williams confirmed Wednesday, via a slyly captioned Snapchat, that she is indeed 20-weeks pregnant with her first child. The tennis legend won her 23rd Grand Slam Singles title at the Australian Open in late January, making her two months pregnant (and two times more badass) at the time of her win. Although Williams has taken a step back from the 2017 season, according to her spokeswoman Kelly Bush Novak, Serena does plan on returning for the 2018 season with a new fan to cheer her on in the stands. Clearly, a little thing like, you know, growing an entire human being inside her own body, isn’t going to slow down her continued dominance in her sport. Get it, girl!


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