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Growth Through Purpose ™
Growth Through Purpose ™

We First 5: Olympics Opening Ceremony

1. Philips launches sustainability program “Healthy People, Sustainable Planet”

In a great example of a multi-national giant outlining a clear vision and sense of purpose for a healthier future, Phillips recently unveiled its ambitious “Healthy People, Sustainable Planet” initiative. More info here:

2. Company Launch: The Kind Traveler

As if you needed another reason to take a vacation… Ushering in an innovative way to think about hotels and traveling, The Kind Traveler is the first ‘give + get’ hotel booking platform that allows users to make a charitable donation and receive a discount on their stay somewhere. More info here:

3. Olympics Opening Ceremony to Break with Opulent Traditions

Reflecting Brazil’s current recession along with Rio’s stated desire to hold a more sustainable games, which you can read more about over on the blog, this Summer Olympics’ opening ceremony will be a more modest affair. More info here:

4. Instagram’s Stories Takes On Snapchat

Innovating bold new ways for you to waste time, sorry, we mean, stay connected, Instagram unveiled its “stories” feature this week which takes dead-aim at competing with Snapchat by offering identical features with a smoother interface. More info here:

5. Jill Returns As A Bride

Congrats to Jill from all of us at We First. We’re happy for you and Doug, and even happier to have you back!

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