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Growth Through Purpose ™
Growth Through Purpose ™

How to Inspire Your Customer to Build Your Business

A cornerstone of the We First mindset is focusing on being the celebrant, rather than celebrity, of your customer community. In doing so, you not only shift the focus off of yourself as a brand and onto your customer base, but shine the light on the emotive impact you create out in the world rather than simply describing product or service attributes, benefits or features.

Here we look at three different examples of brands that are bringing this approach to life:

1. Tim Horton’s #WarmWishes

One of the most beloved brands in Canada, Tim Horton’s introduced a new campaign for this year’s holiday season asking customers to nominate someone in their life to receive a good deed. Through nominations submitted via the #WarmWishes hashtag, the brand delivered numerous good deeds with one grand deed up to $5000. Not only has Tim Hortons captured the good deeds from their social following, but also building a more intimate relationship with their customer base. By recognizing, sharing and rewarding their customers’ contributions through social media, commercials and more, Tim Horton’s is able to demonstrate compassion and a ‘pay it forward’ mentality that has become synonymous with the brand itself.

2. AirBnB’s Community Commitment

To bring to life Airbnb’s brand story, ‘Belong Anywhere’, the company recently announced its Community Commitment – a public declaration of its efforts to fight bias and discrimination. Through its new non-discrimination policy, Airbnb reinforces to its hosts and guests its beliefs and sense of respect for its community. To express this, and also shine the light on the diversity of its customer/host base, Airbnb released a video to illustrate the importance of this position of acceptance. This powerful spot does not promote their service or offering, but rather illustrates the stance they are taking in celebrating the beauty of human difference.

3. Expedia’s Dream Adventures

What better way to bring your brand’s values to life than to create meaningful impact in ways that make tangible, human impact. Expedia did just that in its St. Jude Dream Adventures campaign that launched earlier this year. Recognizing that children battling cancer are often confined to hospital beds, Expedia decided to makes their dreams come true right in their own space. By installing a 360-degree installation at St. Jude’s hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, Expedia was able to transport kids to the adventures of their dreams from Mexico to Argentina. Through the power of travel – one of the Expedia brand’s core beliefs – it was able to bring a lot of light into the lives of children at a time when they need it most. Have a look at all the Dream Adventures videos here that capture the magic in these moments.

How can your brand apply this celebrant mentality?

  1. Develop a customer-oriented, interactive and participatory campaign.
  2. Express your core values through public declaration and/or appreciation of your customer base.
  3. Create life-changing impact through unexpected experiences and moments.


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