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Growth Through Purpose ™
Growth Through Purpose ™

Malina Brown of City Year Los Angeles on Creating a Culture for Content

City Year Los Angeles is a nonprofit founded on the belief that education has the power to help every child reach his or her potential. We sat down with Malina Brown, Managing Director of Communications, to understand the role of storytelling in nonprofits, as well as how to create a culture for content.

In our chat, Malina shared the following:

  • How they leverage youth to help youth
  • Storytelling through the lens of your mission
  • Breaking through a modest nonprofit culture, where content, marketing and PR are oftentimes perceived as ‘fluff’ or distractions from the mission
  • The importance of cultivating content, versus pushing content
  • Building a fertile platform for others to tell their story
  • Being crafty and clever in sourcing stories, when budgets are limited

City Year Los Angeles’ mission – to end the drop out crisis in LA– both ambitious and urgent, with about one-quarter of kids drop out of school every year, which has actually been increasing as of late. Learn more about City Year’s work, impact and how to get involved here.

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