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Growth Through Purpose ™
Growth Through Purpose ™

Real 100 Leaders: Recognizing The Country’s Most Impactful Brands for 2019

Purpose-driven business leaders are heeding the call of society to leverage capitalism for social and environmental good. The Real 100 Leaders list features the most purposeful brands dedicated to harnessing the power of commerce to build a better world.

To make the list, Real Leaders partnered with Big Path Capital, B Lab, Bain Capital, KPMG and Mintz Levin. This purpose-focused team developed a rating criteria to measure impact, or what they call “Force For Good.” To calculate Force For Good, Real Leaders and co. multiplied revenue by growth rate by B Impact Assessment score for each applicant.  

While many brands are looking to position themselves as upstanding social enterprises, the Real 100 Leaders list trims the fat and gets to the numbers. These companies are measured on how much money they are making, how rapidly they can scale and the impact they have on their employees, communities, the environment and society.

Highlights from from Real 100 Leaders:

  • CASCADE ENGINEERING: By combining engineering expertise with social and environmental impact, Cascade Engineering truly embodies the the triple bottom line. The company specializes in creating products such as car parts, furniture and consumer goods with recycled plastic materials. Additionally, the B Corporation hires ex-convicts in its manufacturing facilities. Cascade Engineering truly intertwines creativity and technical skill with social and environmental responsibility to cultivate profits and build a better world.
  • WE FIRST BRANDING: Today’s consumers want to support brands that build a better world. We First assists companies to clarify, act on and tell stories about their purpose-driven missions to build consumer goodwill and social impact. In addition to working with big brands like TOMS, Timberland, and Sony on stakeholder storytelling and impact campaigns, We First offers guidance, workshops and tools for small brands to grow.
  • WORLD CENTRIC: Plastic is one of the world’s biggest challenges, destroying our oceans and biodiversity. A major part of the problem is that consumers are accustomed to the convenience of single-use plastics such as bags, utensils and plates. World Centric is on a mission to tackle plastic pollution by offering biodegradable and/or compostable alternatives for single-use plastics. By focusing on a global challenge, World Centric is using purpose to guide business strategy, including product creation, brand storytelling and more.

We First is honored and pleased to be included in this awesome list of change-makers. To learn about more purposeful companies and how they’re making an impact, be sure to check out the list. Here’s to business becoming a growing force for good.