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Growth Through Purpose ™
Growth Through Purpose ™

Rick Ridgeway of Patagonia on Branding, Sustainability and Our Future

At the recent We First Brand Leadership Summit we had the pleasure of sitting down with Rick Ridgeway, VP of Environmental Initiatives at Patagonia. As one of the most iconic brands in the fields of marketing and sustainability, Patagonia has managed to elegantly and consistently execute that delicate balance between building your business and its social impact.

In our chat Rick shared the following:

– How Patagonia views itself, its mission, and sustainability
– New opportunities in sustainability marketing
– Multi-stakeholder and collaborative opportunities for brands
– The Sustainable Apparel Coalition
– Employee engagement around sustainability
– The Footprint Chronicles supply chain platform
– The role of transparency in brand building
– Strategic advice to young companies
– Marketing lessons they learned along the way
– What’s next for Patagonia

The Patagonia brand is an inspiration on so many levels in terms of their commitment to their sustainability mission, the creativity they bring to their marketing, and the leadership they demonstrate around the world. Our thanks to Rick for his fantastic insights and for his contribution to sustainability innovation.

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