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Growth Through Purpose ™
Growth Through Purpose ™

We First 5

1. Twitter Tube Means Pre-Roll

As part of its Amplify Push Program, Twitter is allowing U.S. influencers to put pre-roll advertising before their videos for increased revenue generation. It’s a welcomed gesture for those that use the platform to promote themselves, their content and whatever else, but as Twitter deals with flat growth and declining engagement will intrusive advertising keep more casual users away? More info here:

2. Hurray for Congress! (Yes, seriously.)

In a heartening respite from the typical partisan rancor, Congress was able to put aside their differences to pass a landmark piece of legislation, the Global Food Security Act, which will combat hunger, malnutrition, and poverty by empowering smallholder farmers and women throughout the world. This is a fantastic development that hopefully leads to similar types of initiatives. More info here:

3. It’s Rocket Science

In an unfortunate turn of events Facebook’s initiative, which hoped to provide Africa with satellite-based internet connectivity, literally blew up in their faces when the SpaceX rocket it was aboard exploded while on the launch pad. The social media giant still has hopes for the program, as well as other means of providing service, including drones. More info here:

4. The Taxman Cometh

Looking for their own giant pot of gold, the European Union has leveled a $14.5 billion tax bill against Apple’s Ireland-based operations. Tim Cook, the tech giant’s CEO, didn’t mince words in calling the ruling, “crap.” More info here:

5. #NoDaysOff

What better way to enjoy the Labor Day holiday than by actually laboring? In news that will warm the hearts of workaholics and literalists everywhere, two separate surveys show that many Americans will either be on the job or looking for a new one. (Maybe at a place with unlimited PTO?) More info here:

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