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Growth Through Purpose ™
Growth Through Purpose ™

We First 5: Celebrating Mother Earth

175 World Leaders Agree

Today, Earth Day was the backdrop a historic event – world leaders from 175 countries signing the Paris Climate Accord. The deal will slow the rise of harmful greenhouse gases with the goal of limiting global warming by 2100. A global precedent that we should all be thankful as a step in the right direction.

Earth Day Re-Branded

The UN has rebranded this international day, adding ‘Mother Earth’ to the name to ‘reflect the interdependence that exists among human beings, other living species and the planet we all inhabit. Google agrees, setting up not one, but five doodles to highlight our planet diversity through Earth’s five major biomes.

JUST water shows love for Mother Earth

While it is common practice for brands to recognize Earth Day, as well as other annual global dates, the real opportunity may exist to leverage it as a platform to launch a long-term commitment towards environmental progress and contribution. JUST water announced today that it is kicking off production of its new water bottle now made with 82% renewable resources – that’s reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 74% in comparison to traditional plastic water bottles. A win win for JUST and mother earth, that will create impact far beyond this single day.

Celebrate Earth Day… Forever

Why only save celebrations for one day a year, during our lifetime? Two options are emerging that will allow you to give back to Mother Earth every day, even when you’re gone. These organic burial pods offer an alternative to traditional after life practices, where you’ll actually be part of growing a tree in a ‘memory forest’. These two options provide an interesting perspective on giving a new lease on life, after life.

You Are What You Make: We First at UCLA Restaurant Industry Conference

Next Tuesday, UCLA Extension will hold it’s 20th Annual Restaurant Industry Conference, with Simon Mainwaring as the key note speaker. With the Conference’s main topic being identifying your ‘why’, Simon will be sharing critical insights on how to inspire guests and customers to build your business with you through purpose. Find more information here.