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Growth Through Purpose ™

We First 5: Wage Gaps, Wild Animals, and a Shattered Star


1. Secret’s campaign featuring a transgender women in the ladies’ room

In the latest installment of Secret’s #StressTest campaign, a transgender woman is featured in a situation that is all too familiar for women – secluding to the washroom for an emotional moment and deciding whether or not to open the stall door and join other women chatting at the sinks. The spot concludes with the sentiment of ‘there’s no wrong way to be a woman’ – a strong, strident and emotionally resonant message for a legacy brand.

2. Will it take 170 more years to close the gender wage gap?

According to the World Economic Forum, women may have to wait another 170 years to achieve parity with men on wages. What’s shocking is that the economic divergence between female and male workers has actually widened, rather than progressed, since the 2008 financial crisis. If this week’s activities in Iceland are any indication – where thousands of women left work 2 hours early, signifying the 14% wage gap between females and males in the country – it’s that this conversation and societal challenge will continue to be just that, a challenge that will cease to be silenced and requires equal participation and advocacy by men and women alike.

3. On track to lose 2/3 of wild animals by 2020

Sadly, the future looks bleaker for wildlife – where the 2016 Living Planet Index Report shows the number of wild animals living on our planet set to fall two-thirds by 2020 due to the mass extinction that’s destroying the natural world. From well-known species of elephants and gorillas to lesser know of vultures and salamanders, all are at a massive threat. What can you do? Take a small or large action, discover your inner animal, or even make a donation, with the WWF here.

4. Jay-Z to Host Concert for Clinton Aimed at Young Black Voters

Hilary has a long-standing roster of celebrity supporters, though Jay-Z could be her most important yet. Announced this week, Jay-Z will be headlining a concert November 4 in Ohio in an effort to tip the scales in her favor – encouraging all young people to get out and vote. Find out how to score free tickets here.

5. Not such a big fan of Trump’s Star

On the other end of the political spectrum, Donald Trump’s Hollywood Star was smashed earlier this week by a vocal and fervent citizen who has been clear about being ‘proud’ of his actions. The star has been the subject to many defacement attempts as well as artistic statements and ketchup spills.

Clearly, the next week and half will be entertaining, to say the least.


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